Episode 69

How to Build Trust at Scale for Marketers Short on Time and Resources (with Erica Schneider)

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In this episode, Justin discusses the art of repurposing content, the importance of a consistent message, and strategies for effective content distribution with Erica Schneider.

They dive into the nuances of both macro and micro repurposing, the psychological impacts of the terminology used in marketing, and the power of having a clear, authentic point of view.

Erica shares insights on the challenges and strategies around limiting social media distractions and the benefits of consistent, themed content. And Justin offers tools and approaches for staying focused on one's content goals rather than getting caught up in comparison with others. This conversation is packed with actionable advice for marketers looking to maximize their content's reach and impact.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to focus content on key areas for improvement
  • Why repeating core messages builds trust
  • How to repurpose content effectively
  • Why a strong POV is crucial in content marketing
  • How to use "Undistracted" tools to focus work



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