Episode 22

Go Behind the Scenes of a Successful Content Marketing Program with Andy Smith

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On this episode of Distribution First, we delve into the world of repurposing and content creation with guest Andy Smith from HatchWorks. Andy shares insights on starting a podcast, repurposing content, and building a sustainable content marketing program.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to test ideas before committing to larger projects
  • The challenges in reaching targeted audience
  • The impact of employee advocacy on content marketing


[00:00:00] Introduction

[00:02:04] The importance of creating and repurposing content

[00:12:08] Why creating content can be challenging, even for marketers

[00:13:18] Balancing revenue and talent-focused content for different audiences

[00:19:05] How to prioritize and plan to repurpose content

[00:21:57] Focus on quality over quantity

[00:28:56] How to measure content success



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