Episode 26

Why New Content Can't Save You (+ Rookie Mistakes to Avoid)

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In this episode, we dive into the world of content marketing and how to combat burnout by thinking outside the box. Ali Schwanke shares her insights and strategies for repurposing existing content to create momentum without losing your mind.

With practical examples and actionable tips, Ali shows us the secrets to success in content marketing. From conducting experiments to validate alternative approaches to creating content, to utilizing analytics to tell the story of data and drive meaningful results, Ali provides a ton of knowledge for content marketers striving to make a lasting impact.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How repurposing existing content be just as effective as creating new content
  • How content marketers measure success beyond just creating more stuff
  • How content marketers get leader buy-in


[00:00:00] Why success is different for each company

[00:06:14] How can content marketers set themselves apart?

[00:07:55] How to repurpose existing content creatively

[00:14:17] What to consider when creating content?

[00:16:23] Why is regular communication important for audience perception?

[00:22:33] How can we repurpose webinar content effectively?

[00:28:49] How to balance quality and quantity?

[00:39:54] How to get leader buy-in

[00:41:58] What if the organization limits your growth?



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