Episode 25

Give Me ONE Content Pillar & I'll Make You a Distribution Machine

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You don't need hundreds of new blog posts or videos to thrive anymore. The truth is, you can build a dominant content strategy with only a few types of content (as long you do one thing effectively). In this episode, Justin sits down with Ramli John on Marketing Powerups to walk through how you can scale your entire content strategy with only one piece of content.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to reverse engineer your content needs
  • How to create less content and still stay effective
  • Justin's 3C Content Method


[00:00:00] Going All in on Distribution First

[00:08:40] The 3C Method

[00:11:57] Using cut pieces of content for nurturing.

[00:22:17] Content Distribution Examples

[00:24:45] Justin's Career Powerups

[00:31:22] Creators vs B2B Marketers



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