Episode 57

How to Create Content Your Audience Loves (Tips from a Podcast Expert)

Are you creating content but can't seem to get enough viewers? You might be wondering, how can I get more people excited about my content?

In this week's episode, host Justin Simon and guest Jason Bradwell, from B2B Better, talk about smart ways to share your content by focusing specifically on podcasts. They explain why it's important to start with a few episodes and tell your audience clearly what to expect. Jason tells us how you can make your podcast interesting to your listeners by really understanding who they are. Justin reminds us that it's not about how many listeners you have but whether you're reaching the right ones. You'll learn why having friends and co-workers spread the word can be a big help.

Here are the top gems from Jason

1. Define your “why”

What is the purpose of your podcast and how will it align with business goals?

  • Thought leadership?
  • Brand-building?
  • Lead gen?

Get clear on your objectives first. Then start creating.

2. Put your audience first

Uncover the biggest problems your customers face and position your content as the solution.

Hook listeners right away by making the premise relevant to them.

3. Involve stakeholders across your organization early on

Get input from Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and others to help shape content and leverage the content across initiatives.

Your clips be shared on social media, used in sales sequences, or turned into marketing newsletters.

Steal Jason's blueprint for launching content that resonates.

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